The most common thing I see when getting ready to do a Tarot reading for someone is that the question(s) they have are either too broad, too open-ended or really fall into the trap of “fortune telling”.

For example, a person may be struggling with a family situation and they approach with the question “When will my teenage son stop being so much trouble?”

Someone else, unhappy with their present employment situation, might ask “When will I find a better job?”

Or I have heard this question asked many times “When will I find the love of my life?”

Notice the common theme in the way the questions are phrased – they are asked in a way that suggests either I as a reader can read the future, or, even worse, that the situation is not within THEIR control but some outside, unseen force.

People, this is not how Tarot works.

A Tarot reading is a great guide to finding solutions and answers but as the person getting the reading, you have to be willing to do what is necessary to create and enable the solutions.

Let’s take these questions and turn them around in such a way that the Tarot reading can create answers and positive results,

The parent of the unruly teenager should be asking “What can I do to understand the issues my teenager is dealing with so I can better parent him during these tough years?”

The unhappy employee can ask “What steps do I need to take to find a better work situation?”

And the lovelorn should ask “What is holding me back from finding romance in my life?”

See the difference? Now the person getting the reading is not asking for fortune telling but for concrete solutions and advice.

Some excellent ways to start off your question include:
“What do I need to know about…?”
“What is the best advice or guidance in dealing with…?”
“What should I do in order to achieve…?”
“What do I need to focus on regarding…?”
“What’s stopping me or holding me back from…?”
“How does X view me in our relationship…?”
“What are the most important factors to consider in…?”

The point is to open your question up so that you can really let the Tarot work for you and give you the objective take on the situation  at hand.